3 Things Travel Shoppers Look Out For On A Hotel Website

This is a guest article by Joey Egan, VP of Marketing & Customer Experience at Leonardo.

Today’s shopping journey is complex – the average travel shopper visits anywhere between 10 to as many as 30 sites before booking, as they travel across screens to do their research (desktop, mobile, and tablet).

Hotel marketers have a chance to weed through this complex journey and really stand out – by telling a compelling visual story on their hotel website, which is often where most travelers make their final decision to book.

Joey Egan, VP, Marketing and Customer Experience at Leonardo, a digital technology company for the global hospitality industry, explains the three things travel shoppers want to see on your hotel website.

With the amount of different devices consumers use today, from smartphone to tablets, it’s no surprise that the travel shopping journey has become more complex. With so many travel tools and resources now available online, how can you make sure your hotel stands out and conveys your true value to potential guests?

It turns out, most leisure travelers make their final decision on whether to book by visiting the hotel’s website! Hotel websites are influential in the booking stage of the shopping journey, so it’s essential that your hotel website tells a compelling hotel story.