Seeing is believing – 5 steps to transforming your hotel´s online presence with video

This is an extract of the Leonardo ebook ‘Seeing is believing’ by Darlene Rondeau, Vice President Best Practices, Online Merchandising | Leonardo.


A good video evokes emotion, it can make you laugh or cry and feel any variety of sentiments. Which is precisely why a well- told story through video can also inspire travel shoppers to book a stay at your property. You aren’t selling four walls and a bed, you’re offering guests an experience, and what better way is there to communicate that experience than through a dynamic, engaging online video.

Here you’ll learn why video has become one of the most useful tools for hotel marketers, and how you can begin telling your story through this ever-popular medium.

In terms of cost, video has never been more affordable and accessible. With smartphones capable of viewing – not to mention recording, editing, and uploading – online video’s popularity is at an all-time high. As hotel marketers it’s up to us to figure out the best way to use video to help promote our hotels, to drive engagement and increase booking opportunities. In “Seeing is Believing,” we’ve broken that journey into five chapters:

  1. Leverage Your Visual Storytelling Strategy
  2. Tune In To Online Video
  3. Make Video Work For You
  4. Learn Best Practices
  5. Ready, Set, Go!