Online Travel Videos: Interview on Best Practices to Boost Hotel Bookings

This is an interview based on a recent research project by Taylor Short, Market Research Associate, Software Advice.

The amount of information available to travelers who are planning a business trip or a vacation today is astounding. Hospitality organizations must diversify their marketing content to cut through the competition and draw the most attention to their brand.

Taylor Short Software Advice
One method that is growing in popularity is the use of online promotional videos. The statistics are compelling:

  • 51 percent of leisure travelers,
  • 69 percent of business travelers and
  • 55 percent of affluent travelers watch online travel videos,

all of which represent increases from the previous year.

Producing travel videos may seem like a daunting task to some, but it can be a relatively inexpensive way for hotels to create content that grabs the attention of potential guests and, ultimately, drives direct bookings.

To analyze how hoteliers can use online video content best to boost bookings in 2014 Software Advice created a great survey. You can find the full overview under Online Travel Videos: Best Practices To Boost Bookings 2014.