Scientifically Proven: The Best Position For Your Book Now Button

This is a guest article by Darlene Rondeau, Vice President Best Practices, Online Merchandising Leonardo.

Creating an environment that moves people forward in their shopping journey and providing them with a clear path to the cash register (i.e. your booking engine) should be based on science rather than subjective design ideas. Fundamentally, you want a website that is purpose driven, easily found by search engine bots and has the content that consumers are looking for, providing the triple benefit of improving conversion, allowing for high ranking relevant SERPs and reducing bounce rates.

Much research has been done into how people read webpages. There is, in fact, a science to it; a certain pattern our eyes follow when we visit a website. Understanding how people read your website is important to its layout, and can be used to your advantage to lead visitors further down the booking path. In particular, the position of your call to action, or Book Now button, on your homepage can be strategically positioned to drive more clicks.